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  1. Its almost 3.5 weeks and its going well so far. Recipient area is doing very well so far. All scabs have fallen off. Hairs have started growing. I will post recipient area pics soon. The ones in images were taken 1 week post op. Donor area is still bit itchy - partly because it is healing up. Still have redness in that area and checked with doc. She told it could last even for 2 months or so. Not sure on that. But agree with Neo. People at Dr ****** clinic in Delhi are complete unprofessional. Mostly money minded. It is even hard to talk with Doctor directly post op. There is a bu
  2. Everything looks normal up there. I think you should stop worrying about it. If you are 10 days post op, then try a gentle conditioner and let it sit for 15 mins on recipient area before washing off. I read it somewhere on surgeon web site and tried it and it worked for me. Most scabs came off with few days washing with conditioner. But try only 10 days post HT. Most of my scabs actually fell only late in second week and some in like third week.
  3. Dr Rosenalli in San Francisco had offered me to do 2500 grafts in 8K and he is part of this network. I did not get it done from him as I was travelling to India and got it done their at fraction of cost. But you can get in touch with him.
  4. I was told by my doc not to rub in recipient area until 10 days. Thats the time it takes for new grafts to set in properly. No shower either. Only pour water with a mug with hand over head and I strictly followed it. she told if graft comes out it will bleed which may be the case here. But I think a few grafts even if they come out is nothing to worry about.
  5. I was worried initially. Asked my doc and she said sometimes redness can last even few months. Was not comfortable wih her reply and asked here. Now from everyone's experience it does seem I have nothing to worry about. Update- Redness is becoming lesser and I am in 4th week now. Hopefully it does not return back. My bro told me that any wound heals many times faster if left dry. Thats just nature's way to heal it up. So taking head shower only once a week and keeping it all dry and it is paying off.
  6. Hello All, It has been exactly 3 weeks post operation. I have still the redness in donor area . Is this normal or am I getting some infection? If this is normal, how long does the redness persist? Also on one end of scar, there is a white spot and I am wondering what it is. I do not have any constant major pain - just a slight pinching feeling periodically in donor area from time to time. So at this point, the donor area does not feel like fully normal to me. Should I be seeing a surgeon? My original surgeon is in India and I am in California now.
  7. Just completed my procedure today with Dr. Ruby. Here is my day 1 experience: Reached at scheduled time of 10AM. Greeted by front desk but told to take a seat. Then told to do some paperwork signinig and balance payment. The lady which was asking for payment was not courteous and mentioned that she has many customers lining up for hair transplant within India itself and there is not much importance for somebody flying in from overseas to get procedure done even though people choose to come to their clinic from abroad. I consider that as very unprofessional. She was also not g
  8. Hi Saju, yes I plan to upload my results periodically. I did not find any feedback of this doc A at this site but checked elsewhere and found positive reviews.
  9. Newbie to the forum.I have been experiencing hair loss since last 15 years and now at age 43, I am Norwood class VI. I am going for 2000-3000 Hair Transplant surgery at Dr Ruby in New Delhi India on december 8th. Selected the clinic and doctor after much research as Dr Radha was quite far from residence place in India. Had scheduled appointment with Dr. A 2 months in advance for 10th december But received the first jolt and surprise from the clinic after my doctor and date was changed 2 weeks prior to my operation. I will now be operated by Dr. Ruby from same clinic on Dec 8th. Wil
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