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  1. wow it being ages came back here :). I plan to for second round with Dr. Feriduni, as soon my dates confirm. This time going for crown area , as i lost more hairs in it that area now. So, will post the pictures
  2. thts looks good mate!!!!are applying regaine lotion or foam ?
  3. I had to chose b/w rahal and feriduni at start, but when I came across post pics of patients b/w them I would say Feriduni wins hands down in hair lining..its not rahal is bad, both are extremely excellent doctors, but when it comes to hair line feriduni does best work in it...but others could say rahal is better, but its my personal opinion
  4. Thanks mate, yes he did excellent work with hairline, even the clinic people were saying same when they say my scar and hair line design..frankly..even I was amaze from the work he did..i didnt thought he would cover that much area covering from my frontal hairline till crown!!...just small bald spot is left in back..which I would get it done,after yr or soo,. About the staples...I have no idea on it, many have asked me in this forum on it,!! But it has healed all well now, hardly feel any pain in that area.
  5. Day 42 : Finally shed all the HT hairs maybe also shock-loss too, but now I have begun using the Rogaine 20 mg from day 42 .
  6. Nice mate, growth looking good.!! U still got redness scatter on tht area...or my eyes deceiving me..enjoy new beginning .
  7. I guess my skin color could hide it quicker as it heals. U r the 4th person to ask me why he didnt use the staples in PM, frankly I no idea on this. Does it matter if he had use the staples to scar later? I am now curious to know abt it.
  8. Its been progressing well, though just 20-30 % hair shed off, still got many growing with out any problem. Making me wonder when they will fall off.
  9. Most of scabs are off, mainly reason I kept it moist, by spraying water every 1/2 hour.Now applying aloe vera jelly morning and evening to get rid of redness, so far 20-30% of hair have shed off on day 14, so I m assuming more in coming days. Anyone has good suggestions to get rid of this redness sooner, pls let me know.Want them to gone before I go for work in 2 weeks time. Thanks.
  10. Hello Mate, thanks!! Yes, he did excellent job in getting rid of old strip scar which was 3 -4 cm at some points as told by doctor. Plus, he manage to get rid of my childhood scar, which I got from fall on stairs... , Now, I dont feel any pain or anything in the strip area at Day 14, just little numbness tht cause of bit of blood stuck in it I believe.
  11. Yes mate!!, now its all gone. tho it took some 4-5 days, worst was Day 3 and Day4 post Op, hardly could see anything. Thanks.
  12. Was given few post care stuff's, and there was aquapack to easy swelling and clinic booklet , explaining things I have to follow for next 14 days, breaking each day care I need to follow.