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  1. 2 week update. Starting to shed, a lot of crust and scabbing coming off with the shedding hair as I gently massage the recipient area. According to the post op instructions I should have started to do this using a cue tip at the 8 day mark but didn't have time so I'm starting it 15 days mark.
  2. Hello California, Here are the recent pics that I sent Dr. Diep for my initial consultation at 3 years post-op. The hair looked fine as I kept it short (7 blade) and combed forward. But if I wanted to do a modern comb over (that's popular these day) or grow it long, I felt my hair line was just too receded and thin in the temples. This was my main concern with Dr. Bhatti when he initially designed it. For the last 3 years I've kept the same style because I never felt comfortable doing anything else. And here is the link for my second FUE with Dr. Diep http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187070-fue-2-1070-grafts-dr-diep.html Best, Prime
  3. Hello all, This was my 2nd procedure for FUE, the first one was done by Dr. Bhatti in India on Dec 2, 2013. The procedure came out very nice and to read up on that just click the following link http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173149-1169-fue-hairline-transplant-dr-bhatti-12-2-13-a.html. I elected to have the 2nd procedure to clean up my hair line and fill in some patches that had thinned behind the hair line so I can do different hair styles without exposing thinned out area. Realistically, I could prob go another year or two before people would even notice anything but I'm entering the stage of my life where I'll be settling down soon and want to look good in the million of pics snapped to commemorate the occasion. I chose Dr. Diep because he has a great reputation and his hairlines are the best in the business. He's also a very cool down to earth guy once you get to know him and he's willing to help in anyway he can (gave me a ton of advice on online marketing for my business). His clinic is very clean and his assistants are very focused on their job. Cost wise, he's probably one of the more expensive surgeons when it comes to HT. Part of that is the fact that his clinic is located in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. Expect to pay 4x more than you would overseas. Plus you gotta pay for quality. He noted that the punch size of the holes at the donor site for my original FUE were too big and as a result the donor site has visible punch marks that also probably damaged surrounding follicles. But anyways, enough about me and the procedure, you're all here for the pics...
  4. Hey guys, So its been 3.5 years since my FUE procedure and just wanted to give you all an update. I am very happy with the job Dr. Bhatti did on my FUE procedure in Dec of 2013. Below is a shaved head pic from late May 2017. My hair loss has continued over the 3 years but it has not been too bad as I've been taking 1 mg finasteride. I've elected to have another procedure done by Dr. Diep in California to give me the hair line i've always wanted and to fill in the new little spots that needed reinforcement. No one has ever have noticed that I had anything done and to this day no one believes that I'm losing my hair, which was exactly my goal when I chose to undergo the original procedure. So to anyone on the fence about FUE, my advice to you is to go for it. It has given me tremendous confidence and made me an overall happier person. Why am I choosing to undergo another procedure? I want to have a perfect head of hair for the big day, as I am ending my long traveled journey of being a playboy bachelor and am ready to settle down with one woman . Cheers to you all! Oh and I've started a new thread for my 2nd procedure which I had done on 5/26/17 with Dr. Diep (he's a really cool guy). I've added the pre-op hair pic from the latest procedure just so you all can see what I was going for. To see the results please check the new thread as I'll update it regularly.
  5. Hey guys, I am posting a 9 month update to my FUE procedure by Dr. Bhatti. I had 1169 grafts placed to reestablish my hairline back in December. Some of the grafts never fell out, which worried me initially, but the grafts grew in just fine. I would say I started to notice real growth at the 3 month mark. No one could tell I had anything done at any point during the healing process. The grafts grew in beautifully which I am very happy with. I continue to have slow shedding over the rest of the scalp which I am controlling with daily Finastiride and biotin supplement.
  6. Hey guys, I'm 9 weeks post-op now. I still haven't shed a lot of the transplanted hairs, just about 40%, I'm a little surprised. Some of the transplanted hair that never shed seem to be growing. On the booklet provided by Dr. Bhatti the shedding should happen between weeks 6-12 so I'm right in the middle of it. I do feel some swelling/raised skin in the recipient regions. It concerns me a little, I just hope its not scar tissue settling around the grafts. There is a very palpable bump on the L side (R in the pics) that has shed all the hairs (very baren) which concerns me because its so elevated. Some itching has started which is supposed to be a good sign that the grafts are starting to grow. Overall I'm happy with the way things are going. The ugly ducking phase really isn't that ugly because I'm able to cover the the procedure areas with a nice and neat haircut. Sorry about the pic quailty, iPhone pics.
  7. Well, 14 days have passed since the procedure. The daily routine of washing with mineral water, dabbing shampoo with gauze, applying shaving cream, rinsing with mineral water and applying aloe oil was getting tiring. I'm finally able to shower with baby shampoo per post-op instructions. The crust has started to fall off along with minor shedding off the transplanted hairs. Still a lot of crust that needs to come off. Great thing is I went back to work 9 days post-op and no one has been able to tell that I had any work done. My hair was long enough to where I could trim it with scissors to cover the grafts. My main concern prior to the transplant was infection and scarring (I have a history of keloid scars on my body). I can say I'm in the clear on the infection front and so far so good on the scar front. Can't wait for the crust and hairs to shed so I can see how the skin looks underneath.
  8. No offense taken. I'm glad this feedback will get back to the clinic. I think the work Dr. Bhatti does is elite level and because of this his clinic is so busy. 1. I asked the technicians where they received their schooling and training, and their response was "here in the clinic". They may have inferred HT specific training from my question and left out their nursing training from a nursing school. There was a small language barrier even though they speak English. Another example, after the procedure they told me I could change back into my clothes but not to wear my "vest"...I looked at them questioningly and told them I didn't wear a vest to the clinic. Other substitute names for "vest" were thrown out by other technician and I caught "tank". So I said "Ohhh, you don't want me to wear my undershirt tank", which i thought was weird. So I walked out of the clinic wearing just my t-shirt and hoodie sweatshirt as they frowned towards me. Later, I had a good laugh when I figured out they meant my "hoodie sweatshirt" when they said "vest" because they didn't want me to accidentally pull my hood over the grafts. 2. Dr. Bhatti confirmed during my session that he has been very busy and had to work Sundays to accommodate out of country patients. He stated that Nov and Dec are his busiest times due to people wanting to take care of their procedure during the holidays. 3. Thank you for addressing this with the clinic.
  9. Density was 55 hairs/cm2. From my research, anything over 50 is considered to be good density. Also, just the temples and hair line were addressed. You cannot see it from the pics but the hair was trimmed back at the forelock and temples, so there are healthy normal non-transplanted trimmed hairs in there as well.
  10. My face is long and oval. The worry was that I would end up with a hairline that yells "HT hairline". Widows peaks serve no purpose as far as I can tell. Rounded hair lines are done by most of the other HT surgeons, just not by Dr. Bhatti. I wanted the skill, experience, hands of Dr. Bhatti with a non-Bhatti hairline. I hope that clarifies your question.
  11. Hey guys, made it back to California and closing in on 6 days post op. No discomfort in the planted area but still a little tightness and some discomfort in the donor area. I've been sticking to the post-op regimen provided by Dr. Bhatti but it was hard to follow while travelling, so no shampooing or washing for a 30 hour stretch. I have ditched the darling buds cap for my own A's cap. It has been hard to sleep comfortably because I'm a stomach/side sleeper and this position rubs the planted area on the pillow. So I've found that rolling up a beach towel and putting it under my jaw and cheek area allows me to float the planted area while still getting into my comfortable sleeping positions. Hairline: I asked Dr. Bhatti how he designs his hairlines. His answer, "Divide the face into one thirds and make them equal. Round faces have a flatter hairline, long skinny faces have a sharper receding hairline". I expressed my desire to have a rounded (convex) hairline with zigzag pattern instead of concave hairline with no zigzag. The initial hairline he drew looked horrible. I thought "why am I doing this if in the end I still have a crappy hairline and have the look of a receding hairline. After some negotiation we were both satisfied with the hairline. Cost: I went for the $1.40 per graft package. He uses a brand new punch machine in this package and this appealed to me because my biggest concern was/is infection. There is also a 12.58% tax if you choose not to pay in cash. Also add a 2% fee if you choose to pay with a credit card. The day of my procedure the credit card machine was not working (even though I was led to believe it was my credit card that was not working) and I had to end up wiring funds via an online transfer which added another $70 in bank fees. Typically, Dr. Bhatti does not accept wire transfers as payment for the procedure. Check his website for more information. The Good: -Fast -Efficient -Cheap -Quality of work and post-op instructions were very good. -Dr. Bhatti knew of all the FUE surgeons that I had consulted and knew about their techniques. He also travels to HT conferences often and is familiar with the newest advances in the field. The Bad: -The clinic is very busy. Dr. Bhatti does 2 HT a day along with a number of in-clinic and internet consultations in a day, 7 DAYS A WEEK! He pretty much goes from 7 am to 7 pm. At times I felt like things were rushed, especially when I first met him to go over the hair line. -Technicians receive all their training in the clinic, they did not go to college or take any courses for this. -Sterile technique needs to improve for the technicians. There was a lot of technician traffic in and out of the OR. They frequently dropped hands below waist line with gloves on. -Dr. Bhatti's English is very good. It was difficult at times to understand the technicians English but they had no problems with repeating themselves.
  12. I will be traveling for the next 48 hours so internet access will be limited. I will post a thorough write up of my experience and opinion with Dr Bhatti and I will address all the personal messages when I'm back in California.
  13. Just had a FUE procedure done by Dr Bhatti of darling buds clinic on 12/2/13. My main area of concern was the hairline. Multiple surgeons placed me at a Norwood II going into a Norwood III. Hairline design: Dr Bhatti and I redesigned the hairline 3 times until we were both agreeable. His initial hairline had 2 concave lines meeting at a widows peak which I was not satisfied with. I told him I wanted it more rounded and convex with no widows peak. His answer to that was "No way! I will not give you a hairline of a young man." So we agreed on a compromise, convex forelock with no widows peak and very slight concave temple lines.