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  1. @HTHope @Taken4Granted Yes, He is booked up till next year. I believe someone (probably an international patient due to the current situation) had to re-arrange their scheduled date and I was available with very short notice for any date. Otherwise, I would have gotten a date in March next year. Yes, it is is a flat fee normally I believe.
  2. Hello there, sorry, things got busy with the whole Covid thing. I have my surgery scheduled mid next-week and I will start a new thread for the same. My results were decent for the last time. As many have said - large area coverage, not many good quality donors from the strip etc did not help me much. I also had all my native hairs in the recipient area fall due to shock loss as they were prone to loss eventually anyway. It's still pretty good I would say. I will post some pictures soon. This time I feel good because I met Dr. Konior for a consultation this time prior to the surgery. He
  3. I'm trying to get the 2000 for lowering the frontal hairline and blend may be a little bit into the transplanted hair on the current hairline area behind it. I think the donor from the previous surgery is healed well. I will try to go in for a consultation because I'm not 100% sure of my donor hair quality at the moment.
  4. Hey Guys, Its been a long time. I'm planning to get another HT to thicken up the frontal hair line. This time planning for FUE, maybe around 2000 grafts but boy, it has gotten pricey!!!!!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm sorry I have been away for long without updates. It is just that I was getting very nervous about my growth (I didn't have much until like 7 months) and several people advised me to stay away from the forum for a while. Seeing others grow well didn't help my anxiety and the stress isn't good for growth. Then I kind of lost the touch. But its been 15 months and I think its time for an update. I have got good news. One thing I want to mention is that transplanting is a technique that depends on many factors. The skill of the doctor, the quality of the donor hair, the
  6. I had staples and stitches too. Staples were removed on day 4 or 5 (probably a bit early as I had to leave the area), and stitches at the 2 week mark. As for the closure method, I wouldn't know, Spanker probably would.
  7. Not posting any pictures right now as it hasn't thickened up much. Healing is coming along good. Its been a very busy couple of weeks. I will post pictures at 6 months.
  8. Thanks HairICome. I'll definitely cut my hair short in the next month or so. I already clipped it a bit. That definitely will show better.
  9. Thanks Spanker. I'm feeling good overall. I like the sound of that. Here is to better hair days!
  10. Attached are the 4 month pictures. There is definitely growth, waiting for more thickening to happen. This time all pictures but one are without flash. The scar at the back is really thin and it is difficult to take a picture with all that hair around it. I tried, but didn't get a clear one. Next month, i'll try and do pictures outdoors. Now i'm realizing how much hair it takes to show up thick on camera. All those people that can't see their scalp with the newgrown hair must be really happy. I'm sure it looks so much better in person if camera shows it that well. Hopefully I get at least
  11. whoa! my thread has been jacked. Fellas, peace! @Jingle, I have nothing against you or anyone else. I just want all of us to have more hair. As a recent HT candidate, I understand how difficult it is trying to find the 'best' HT doctor there is. Every time I thought I had it, I was wrong. I kept moving on from better to better and at the end, there are a cream of doctors that you probably won't go wrong with. For everyone, there is a top 3 or 5, whatever that number is. It is up to you to make your pick from that list. I understand it can be frustrating when you are researching a doctor and yo
  12. Hi Sam, thank you for your kind words. The pimples are now very less. I'm glad that battle is over. About the flash, you could be right. I don't think it is that bad in a realistic setting. I will just have to avoid flash going forward. Anyway, i'm not uploading any 3 month pics as there is not much to report. Everything is healing well. I don't have any numbness anywhere. I can say i'm back to 95% of preop. There is definitely some growth but nothing that a camera can show well. Lets see how 4 months will look. i'll upload the journal in the end when I have a good perspective of things.
  13. @samspade, Thank you for the reassurance. I'm hoping I can say the same things to someone in future as well. In my case, the only thing is my scalp seems to be very thick and hair is having a tough time coming out.. I seem to have a predisposition to scalp pimples and there are a lot of pustules. Its not very clear in the pictures but I get a few daily. I really really hope it won't have any impact on the final growth. As for propecia, the cost-benefit ratio (not the money) is not good for me considering the potential sides. I have lost 80% of the hair in the area where it would have
  14. Hi Matt, Thank you for your comments. Yes, everything is healing well. I see that you have a procedure scheduled with Dr. Konior. Congrats. I'm sure you will get the best result possible for you. Good luck.
  15. ok, technically the pictures are from two months 2 days, for the purists. Not much growth as expected at this stage, though I see hairs sprouting in many places. Horseshoe look continues for now. One of the issues I'm experiencing is the attack of the pimples/pustules. General consensus is that it doesn't affect the growth. I think this period (two months post op) is one's lowest point in the whole HT saga, and mine is compounded by the unnecessary tension from the pimples. I'm on antibiotics to possibly control them but they keep coming out (so far) only to be decapitated by me. Now
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