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  1. I shaved my neck this morning to show the beard donor area, all grafts were taken below my beard line. I see a little redness but that's probably razor burn and not any scarring, my skin color seems to be good for beard extractions.
  2. Here are a few taken the day after, sorry the quality is lousy but you can get an idea what it looks like. I had some pimples and a maybe a few ingrown hairs for about a month or so before it all calmed down. Similar to razor bumps if you've ever had those. I'll take a few pics of my neck and post them tomorrow maybe. I can tell you though that there's nothing to see. ?
  3. That is definitely a good observation and the one thing they didn't screw up, I think the hairline is age appropriate. The difference between having strip surgery back then and having FUE with Dr. K was like night and day. There was almost zero pain post operatively and no scabbing. After my first strip surgery the scabbing was atrocious and the pain was very, very bad. How I wish I knew Dr. K back in the day... ?
  4. Yes the beard hair grafts went into my scars only. There is zero evidence that any grafts were taken from my neck area, it is remarkable the skin looks untouched. ?
  5. Thanks! The grafts into the scar did offer some camouflage, I can take it down to about 1/2" - 3/4" in the back. I might do some more beard hairs in the future, but I'm not looking to shave my head so it's not a high priority for me.
  6. Hey Spanker, haha better late than never eh? Dr. K had some good things to say about you. I am very happy with what Dr. K was able to achieve with a relatively small number of grafts. The fact that my hair is so fine was a challenge also, but I do think he made the most of what was available. It was a really good experience all around.
  7. Hey Tim good luck with your procedure, you're in very, very good hands with Dr. K. Yes I was very happy with what we were able to achieve. ?
  8. Months 6-9 things stated about the same, then my hair started to look thicker from about months 10-12. The following are various and assorted pics from months 10-12.
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