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  1. Dr. Rahal and other docs are able to do megasessions with 4000 and even 5000 grafts in 1 sitting whereas other doctors I have talked to said that they can do at most 3000 and anymore is a big risk for bleeding and a large scar. Why is it that Rahal and some other docs are able to do these big sessions and the other docs say its unsafe?
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I think Rahal makes the most sense for me not just because of his reputation but because I probably need a megasession given my current loss.
  3. After getting some quotes, it seems like Dr. Rahal will be a significant amount more expensive than Dr. Simmons or other lesser known docs like Jones or Cotterill. His price was actually pretty alarming to me but I do need a big megasession and he seems able to do more grafts then any other doctor that consulted with me online. Its a hard decision financially. Although I want to go with Rahal I have to ask if his result will be worth the large price difference from other docs like Simmons.
  4. The one thing Rahal does that I want is really big mega sessions and I'm looking for a big 1 shot mega session. But I'm considering Simmons and Rahal.
  5. Hey I am considering a transplant soon and I am in Toronto and from reading the forums it seems like these 3 doctors (Rahal, Simmons, Rosenberg) are the most recommended. I was also considering Cotterill, Mackenzie, Ferreira and Jones but not as much anymore give your recommendations. Out of Rahal, Simmons and Rosenberg who do you think is the best to go wtih? Thanks!
  6. I know they have that toppik spray but I've never tried it. I use HSR and I tried an alberto european hairspray and I feel it just makes your hair wet and causes clumping of the fibers so I'm not that in to it. I wonder if the toppik spray or any other brand of hairspray will work better to increase the bonding between fibers and the hair. I don't have a problem with the fibers falling out but it would be nice if a little less rubbed off to my hands when I touched my hair. Any suggestions? Thank you.