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  1. Hi Jotronic, I'm going to send you an e-mail. Its a hotmail address razor7001. Just so you know earlier today I sent Dr. Wong an e-mail with my concerns. Thanks
  2. He's on now. I suspect he has seen it. I don't know how to flag him.
  3. I agree it looks awful. And yes it has negatively impacted my life. I don't date, I don't go out besides work and the gym. So yes it sucks. I just sent Dr. Wong an email with my concerns. I'll keep you guys posted. As for Jotronic I suspect he's avoiding me.
  4. I think I'm passed the point of no return with hair transplants. I would love to be able to shave my head but I can't b/c of the scar.
  5. Taking a trip back there would be nice. Have you seen what the air fares are from DC to Vancouver? Around $800. Ouch I honestly don't remember having a definite plan but you can't tell me that my result is acceptable on any level. And no, I don't think my transplant looks natural. Do you think it does based on the pics lI send, I suspect no as well. And as for what I want to do next? I have no idea. What if he offers another transplant, I have it and the then that one doesn't work out either?
  6. But the problem is that everytime I send him photos he just replies "oh it's coming in nicely will thicken up". This concerns me but I still believe Dr. Wong is an ethical man and will correct this. I hope I'm right.
  7. orlhair thats actually the best advice ive had since I started this blog. It seems others on here are quick to blame for me for my poor results. But the truth of the matter is it is only Dr. Wong and I that can come to some kind of consensus. After I sent the last pics to Dr. Wong he asked that I wait until I reached the 14 month mark before I send him more. He felt it would thicken more by then. Should I wait until then to contact him? I don't see this improving in the next month and half. Mars the scar is ok, thank God
  8. NewHair, maybe he put in 4200 but based on my results I don't think I got anywhere near that. What grows is what counts. I'm surprised to hear you think that's what I got. I don't see how you or anyone besides myself or the Dr. can judge that from viewing a few photos. Anyway, thanks for all your input. My plan is to go to him now and express my dissatisfaction. I'm surprised Jotronic didn't comment. He was on last night and always usually commented on my blogs earlier on. Very strange.......
  9. I also think that I received a very uneven result. The center of my head is thinner than the sides on top of my head. This just doesn't look right.......
  10. Aaron you're misreading. I never said this was a final result. All Im saying is that I don't think the result is adequate based on number of graphs I received. I don't think I got 4200, maybe 2500 tops. I don't know what happened and only Dr. Wong can probably answer this. I told him I wanted to look good and younger. I wanted to be able to comb my hair. Do you think any reputable Dr. would want his patient to turn out like this? Come on, the man has down probably hundreds if not thousands of these. He knows what looks good. gimme a break. The fact that Dr. Wong has kept saying all these months that "keep waiting and it will thicken" leads me to believe he is not satisfied with my result either. At this point I would really like to get more comments from different people.
  11. I never had a plan to be honest. I just thought because he was so respected and always gave good results, I didn't need one. But I think my results are bad. Im so embarrassed of it.
  12. yes the one at the top of this thread, with the blue background is my pre opt pic at dr wong's office
  13. unfortunately hairthere i don't have any immediate post opt these are at 7 days This is my original hair blog http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/home-page.asp?WebID=1882
  14. I see a guarantee is that all patients obtain some kind of adequate result. It doesn't have to be stellar or excellent just adequate. If the result is not adequate then the Dr. will make good on it.
  15. This is a pic from one of Dr. Hasson patients. Almost my exact situation, his turned out, mine didn't I believe mine should of turned out close to this. Hair Transplant Photos Hair Transplant Gallery - Hasson & Wong. Sessions: 1. Grafts: 4371