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Istanbul Hair Center



Does anyone have any experience with this clinic? Istanbul Hair Center



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Haven't heard of this clinic. Have you reviewed our recommended physicians in Turkey?



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Thank you for your reply Blake.

I have gotten in touch with some of the physicians recommended in Turkey and I have send them my pictures. However Some of them charge quiet a lot for what I can afford at this moment.


I don't doubt of their quality work however 2800 grafts for 5600 euros is a bit expensive for me.

I have come across different other clinics that offer different amount of grafts for a different price.


getFue 3000-3500 grafts for 2800 euros


AEK hair institute 1. 2000-2999 grafts FUT or FUE for 3500 Euros

2. 3000-3999 grafts FUT for 4000 Euros

3. 3000-3999 grafts double day FUE for 4500 Euros


Healthtravelinternational 3000-3500 grafts for 4250 euros


Istanbul Hair Center 4000 - 4500 grafts for 2200 euros


Rotahairtrans 3500 grafts for 2250 euros


The last one even gave me contact to one of their patient who had done a transplant with them.

However this might still be a fraud.

I am being cautions of the cheap prices that may offer low quality results that is why I am searching and trying to find as much information as I can about these clinics.


If any user has any experience with one of these clinics I would really appreciate some insight.


Please don't mind my English grammar :)   


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