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Gabel hair restoration portland. 4329 grafts using FUT on October 29 2014



Hello. While i rest and relax on day 5 after the procedure, probably a great time to share my awesome experience with Dr. Gabel and his staff. I am 36yrs old and have been looking into HT for the last 5 years or so. Met with Dr. Gabel for the 1st time in 2010, pondered over a few more options and met with Dr. Gabel a couple of times more before committing to the procedure on October 29th 2014. Took my time making a decision.. Some might say a little too much time but am super happy with my decision.

Dr. Gabel and his staff did a great job and I am super stoked for the final results. At this moment I am very happy with the process and would highly recommend Dr. Gabel to anyone who is looking for a HT procedure.

Jumping ahead to the day, it started at 630am and we left the place around 830-9pm. 4329 graftsIt was a long day but the look at the mirror around the end of the procedure was worth it. Honestly I can go on and on about the experience which was nothing but amazing. Trying to recap just some key moments. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

I went through the pre and post op checklist and documentation a few times and Dr. Gabel's staff was very proactive with calling up periodically asking if I had any questions. Staying hydrated, good breakfast and getting a neck pillow were a few good suggestions i gathered.

Got to Dr.Gabel's office at 630am and was greeted with a friendly staff, went over the paper work and then came the fun part of drawing the hairline with Dr. Gabel. After almost an hour of fine tuning the hairline, time to get in the chair. The entire staff was extremely cheerful and eager to help and answer questions. It was a great team of 11 working as well oiled machine and not once did I get an impression that anyone was in a rush. Everyone was extremely helpful and kept up with conversations with me and made the day go by real fast. Got a few breaks along the way, Gatorade and granola bars and a yummy Vietnamese lunch kept me fueled through the day.

The music, some sing alongs (haha) and some real intriguing conversations made the day a breeze.

For anyone wanting to go through the HT process, from my experience it's not a good idea to tough it out. The staff kept telling me to let them know if I feel any pain during the procedure since pain is a precursor of bleeding and I was always a tad late letting them know about the pain. They were quick to numb the skull and it was business as usual but telling them a little early would have helped.

As I said, drop me a line if you have any questions. For now I am just focused on keeping the grafts and incision clean and try to keep myself entertained while I take a week off.



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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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