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Need help choosing FUE Doctor in Houston, Texas



Hi all,

I'm currently in Houston Texas and I've seen 4 FUE hair transplant specialist over the past couple days. Now it's time for me to choose one and I need help.

Here is what I've found:

Dr Rashid - $3.70 /graft - advised I need 1500 - Total cost $5,929

Dr Arocha - $7/graft - advised I need 3000 - Total cost $21,000

Dr Feldman - $10/graft - advised I need 1200 - Total cost $12,520

Dr McGrath - $6/graft - advised I need 1600 - Total cost $9,600

As you can see the prices vary but after talking to all the companies, I narrowed it down to either Dr Rashid or Dr Arocha. Unfortunately $20k is a lot to pay for a hair cut. I've heard nothing but good reviews about Dr Arocha and I haven't read much about Dr Rashid. $6k is much easier to part with.

i really need some advice and I would love to hear if anyone has heard anything about Dr Rashid.


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Though it is tempting, most advise against "price shopping" for hair transplant surgery. In some cases, it results in sub-par work; and when this happens, it is almost always MORE expensive in the end. I'm not saying to completely discount cost, but a single quality procedure with a trusted doctor will likely be most efficient -with respect to both cost and use of your finite grafts - in the end. I'm very familiar with Dr. Arocha's FUE work. From what I've seen presented on the forums, he's excellent.


Good luck! Feel free to ask any additional questions.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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Thanks Blake.

I've decided to go ahead with Dr Rashid. I'm booked in for tomorrow morning. I will make sure I post pics over the next 12-18 months so others can see the level of Dr Rashid's workmanship.

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