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Hi my name is nohairman

i had my first procedure performed at vs in 2008. I paid for 2500 grafts! I waited 1 year and a half and did not see any results! I was frustrated and decided to have another procedure done mid 2009. This time I had "3,000" grafts placed! I waited ab 2 years and still did not see any results! I decided to consult with a hair club in Florida! He took a look at my scar and told me so,ethimg was not done correctly nc my scar was not linear! It was very thick! He looked at my scalp and told me it looked like I only had 600-800 grafts placed on my head! I was suppose to have a total of 5500 grafts placed! He told me I should have had a full head of hair at that point! I was very upset and felt like I was ripped off! The worst news was, that my donor scar site was destroyed and that I would not have enough grafts back there to fix what VIRGINIA SURGICAL MESSED UP! I was so disappointed I did not know what to do! I called VS and they basically blew me off and would not refund me any of my money! That is very unprofessional from a company that I trusted!


Please share are your thoughts and recommendations with me! Thanks

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Again, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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