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Consultation with Dr feller -Great neck NY



After researching for 3 years I finally got the courage to start the process. A friend of mine had it done in NYC so i figured it was the right time for me. Dr. Feller was always at the top of my list. The one thing that I heard over and over again was that dr feller is just a 'normal guy' and will be totally honest from the very beginning. EVERYTHING I HEARD WAS TRUE!! I gained a lot more insight into the process both FUT and FUE. Dr feller spent an hour with me answering any question I had. I thought that was extremely kind given how busy he is. He is truly changing lives. Thanks dr. Feller for taking the time. Will speak to you soon

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Congratulations! Dr. Feller is an excellent hair transplant surgeon, and I'm glad the consultation went so well.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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