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Advice needed




I am a 42 year old male who has been slowly loosing hair and its been killing me! I'm now seriously considering getting something done. I've done some research and I think I'd prefer FUE rather than the strip. I'm thinking of going to Dr Ray Woods and would like some advice. I"ve heard that he's very expensive, but also that he's very arrogant. He promises the world but i've heard its more about business for him than caring for the patient. I've heard that he walks in and out of the surgery and takes long breaks. He tells you its a 8-9hr procedure that you're paying for but really he's only doing 4 hrs worth of work and collecting the money from you. Also, what are his results like? Does he deliver on the results like he claims to or is just talk? What about some other doctors such as Dr George Kerry in Adelaide or Dr Path in Thialand (thats just a short version of his name), or Dr Wong in Canada? Are they good? What are their results like? What are they like to deal with? I could really use some advice from those that have dealt with these Drs, and would appreciate any photos of their work too. I'm worried that they're all just happy to take peoples money and dont give the results they say they will. If they give good results i'm happy to pay but i'm worried that i'll get ripped off, my donor area will be ruined and that i wont be able to go really short afterwards either. I would love to talk about this with anyone, please post some information, it would be really helpful.


Mr Worried.


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Interesting to read your comment a I am a 26 year old guy in Australia, ready to do something! I am also considering Dr Path or Dr Wong or Hasson. I'm just sick of worrying about my hair loss. I have read good things about Dr Path in Thailand but there is not a lot of recent information available about his work. Comments tend to be from 10 years ago. Living in Australia, Bangkok is quite an easy destination to get to and Dr Path has won the prestigious Golden Follicle Award. However the stakes are high so I am prepared to pay the extra and go to H&W in Vancouver if the end result is worth it. Would love to hear from anyone who has seen Dr Path recently. We are quite limited in Australia as unfortunately surgeons here have not had the experience of those in other countries.


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A lot depends on your level of hair loss. You MUST realize that there is a limited amount of donor hair on the scalp that is impossible to give good coverage for advanced MPB. In my opinion it is imperative to stabilize your hairloss and get on a regime to maintain what you have before undertaking surgery. Ionil T shampoo, Rogaine Foam and Fin have worked well for me.


Dr Woods is not cheap but he certainly helped me out of a bind. He stands by his work and looks after his patients. If you want FUE you MUST go with a Dr that specializes in FUE or your head could end up looking as bad, if not worse, than a strip patient! Dr Woods certainly is a skilled FUE surgeon and he is also a master at utilizing body hair for more advanced cases of baldness.

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