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Month 3



After the funeral experience, I made an appt. to follow up with my surgeon just to check on things. I had experienced no shockloss whatsoever after my 2006 procedure so I wanted to make sure nothig was amiss. My scalp looked fine and everything healed up well. I had been on finasteride since the prior September and minoxidil maybe a month or two later. I kept taking the finasteride straight through, and got back on minox maybe a week after surgery. It was just determined to be a classic case of shockloss and my number happened to be up this time. I purchased a case of Dermmatch on the way out to go with the Caboki I had already ordered.

I thought I was feeling crummy by the end of month 2, but month three was definitely rock bottom. I had a shockloss reprieve for maybe a couple of weeks tops before it came back with a vengence later in the month. Now I was getting very thick dark hairs coming out in droves whereas before I was mainly getting thinner lighter hairs. And the middle of my head was really starting to clear out when that had always been a fairly bulky area for me. I was fairly dependent on concealer now, just because I couldn't take the constant looks.

Attached are some pics taken exactly three months post-op. Again, I'm kicking myself for not taking any pre-op pics for comparison purposes.

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Hi Spartan,


Sorry to hear about the rough month! Dealing with shock loss is difficult, but things should improve in the following months. Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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