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First Post (About Myself)



Hey guys.. my name is Greg and I've been battling hair loss (promotional link removed) for about 15 years now. It started when I was 15 with a little bit of thinning hair (promotional link removed) here and there. It was strange at first, not super noticeable, but it was there. Now I'm 30 and I've gone through one surgery because of it.

I'm very pleased with the results, but I'm afraid my condition will progress even more over time and get bad again. Any ideas on whether this is true or not? Thank you! alt


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Welcome to our community. But considering the promotional links you added into your blog, I suspect you're just here to spam this community. But if you're serious about seeking information and interacting with other hair loss sufferers, you are welcome here. But please read and become familiar with our terms of service, the terms you agreed to when you signed up.


To answer your question, male pattern baldness is progressive and without medical intervention, it will most likely continue. Hair transplant surgery is great to restore hair, but it does nothing to stop genetic hair loss from continuing. You may want to consider non-surgical treatments like Propecia and/or Rogaine to help fight against future hair loss.


Best wishes,


Bill (Falceros)

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Will look into those forms of treatment Bill, thanks for the recommendations. Sorry about the mix up on the links. Won't happen again. Thanks again man!

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No problem Greg.


Who did you have your procedure with? Our community loves photos. Feel free to share your experience and photos on our hair loss forum.


Happy growing!


Bill (Falceros)

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