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Dr Lorenzo final day 2 OP...



Day 2 operation.....The next morning it was back in at 7.45am, breakfast at Maccy D's again and head washed by the assistant. They were all very welcoming and chatty and we shared some jokes before Dr. Lorenzo arrived and quickly got started on the extractions of 1000 follicals. Today was to be a shorter day thank god!:-) they started with the seated position extractions first again then moved back to the traditional lying face down. It seemed that lorenzo had set his staff a target to go longer this time in the seated extraction method and he seemed pleased that they had beaten yesterdays time. He always seems to be challenging his staff to do better showing how much passion he has in his work and people whom work with him and also adding in some humour and banter along the way! Dont gt me wrong when hes in the zone, hes in the zone and very professional but from time to time you get slivers of his humour and that shows hes human too which makes you feel very relaxed in his company.

Anyway by half past eleven the 1000 grafts were out and i was having early lunch taking some selfies again and texting away whilst munching on my order of the day and tea and biccies!:-) this short break was interuppted by Lorenzo who was itching to crack on so back in and onto the left receding donor site. I wasnt much looking forward to the anethesia to the front forehead again as it was tender from yesterday but i manned up, got myself a pair of balls and took the short lived pain. Numbness set in again and off he went with the implanting. 3 hours later at 3pm we were all done and i was sat in my little room with a cuppa and biccie smiling away at my newly formed hairline.

Once id got changed i was then taken downstairs and into the consult room where Dr. Lorenzo personally went through the post-surgery care notes...like i said he likes to do most things himself. He informed me that i had in fact had 2701 follicals grafted but nearly 7800 hairs because of the amount of hairs per follical meaning hopefully if they all survive that i should have great density and coverage.

I had a few questions about post-op care like things i had read online such as taking arnica montana 30c or using distilled witch hazel for any remaining redness in the receipient area but he told me to follow his post-op care notes to the letter, nothing more, nothing less as this is his experience talking here. They gave me a special shampoo to use over the next 14 days or so, more saline spray to use every 1 and a half hours and some prendisolone tabs fo the next 2 days to reduce swelling and inflammation as well as a thorough document of what to do each day post op. i.e if the swelling above the forehead/eyes persists because of the anesthesia to massage that area and to drink plenty of fluids so the kidneys can break it down. They asked me to come back the next morning for an hair wash and to check on my recovery.


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