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Round 2 of Recovery: Post SMP Procedure 1/4



So I wanted to highlight the day of my procedure.

So I arrived in Los Angeles around 8:30AM and got there around 9:00AM. I had a chance to fill out some paperwork including if I wanted sedatives and/or anesthesia. I opted for both as this was the first procedure and I assuming the longest.

I wanted to chat with Dr. Pak to have a in-person hair transplant consultation. I would like to say he was very personal and upfront which I appreciated. He told me I would eventually get the horseshoe NW6/7. And like most people of an Asian background, my density was in range of my ethnicity but lower than Caucasians. I have about 150 hairs per square cm while Caucasians average about 175-200. Asians tend to average 1-2 hairs versus 3-4. So pretty much what I have been told through online consultations and expected. He mention my max was 6,000-7,000 grafts which I was a bit surprised but I figure it makes sense since other doctors have suggest 3,000 to start and maybe another 3-4,000 in the future. However, in my case, I'm looking at 7,000-10,000 to have that fullness so I have to very strategic in what I want to prioritize in restoring my hair.

By 9:45AM, I was in the room and getting my sedatives and anesthesia. I would like to note than Dr. Pak does the hairline but not for the entire procedure. I had Christine do my hair who also assists him in hair transplant. She was great and very personal the whole time.

Dr. Pak prefers a conservative look which aligned with my thinking as I want a hairline that I have a "chance" to fill using FUE in the future. Christine basically concentrated on my crown, vertex, and lower my temples a bit.

By noon, we stopped for lunch. I would say it was a very friendly and "relaxed" atmosphere. When I say relaxed, I'm not saying they were unprofessional but because this is not an invasive procedure like most, so there wasn't monitors everywhere. Even Dr. Rassman came in once to greet me. Throughout the whole time, Christine asked me how I was doing including the staff and Dr. Pak checking on me time to time. In terms of pain, I'm glad I had the chance to take both.

Overall, the rather painless process allowed me a chance to catch up on "Breaking Bad". redface.gif

By 4PM, we were done with the 1st session. I think that was definitely needed as Christine was working real hard throughout the day and she definitely "deserved" the break.

Attached are some pictures immediate after the procedure. I want to note I'm diffusing throughout so I do have some fuzz but I do need to fill it out more in the next session.

I flew back that very same day with no issues. The only thing was some redness and my head overall was a bit sore. I had a very busy weekend and the only precaution was to not shampoo my head for 3-4 days until Monday.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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