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Round 1 of Recovery: Before SMP



Hello there,


I wanted to create a blog to allow people like myself who have went bald at an early age so it could be a lesson learned. The challenge with these blogs/forums overall is that they would show their early results but very few show the end result. Whatever it was because they were so happy, they stop showing up in the forums or they were ashamed of the wasted dollars they spent, my promise to document as much as possible my whole journey.


As a recap of my hair loss story:

I started losing hair by 21-22 but started to keep my hair short so I really didn't notice. Family had no hair loss history so it was baffling but by age 30, I was going NW5-6.

I have been keeping my sides much shorter and letting the top grow out a bit but by 31, it was too obviously and then my mission to find solutions went on overdrive.

I have consulted in person: Diep, Wasserbauer, Paik (ETA September when I get SMP)

I have consulted online: Shapiro, Bisanga, Bhatti, Umar, Hasson & Wong.

What I have been concluded is that I have a poor donor through the online consultation. I could develop into a NW7 and have some retrograde alcopecia as well.

At this stage, what I would like to do is keep a buzzed look as people in person, forum members, and doctors agree I can carry the look quite well. At the same time, as my hair progresses keeping that look would be still challenging.

As a result, here is my strategy:

- Get SMP to increase a look of density (Sept 2013)

- Get FUE (3000+) to start out and spread it everywhere throughout the diffuses sections.

- If possible, consider BHT but I don't have much beard hair but have decent amount of stomach, leg, and thigh hair.

- Use medication unless I get any side effects.


Any other advice is appreciated as I continue my journey to fight this battle of hair loss. I hope my blog and future ones will be informative for those facing the same issue as I do.


Good luck!


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