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FUE with Health Travel International



I am 8 months post-op following FUE Hair Transplant with Health Travel International. Now that my results are visible I wanted to share them on here as this forum helped me a lot when I was doing my research before deciding to have the op.

I am 42 years old. I am fit and healthy, go to the gym regularly, do not smoke and drink only occasionally. I have 5 other brothers. 3 are totally bald. Two with receding hairlines. So baldness is hereditary within the family. My older tried for years with different hair growth creams, oil etc but to no avail. Hair transplant was never an option in Malaysia where we grew up. It was not available then. I first started losing my hair at age 21. It started receding at the hairline and just got worse over time despite my best efforts to hide the bald patches. I never tried any medications, treatments, as I never believed that these would ever work. I knew my brother tried for years without any success. I kinda accept that it was a natural process and part of my genes.

My hair loss was something that I always try not to think about in my day to day life but often reminded of whenever I looked at myself in the mirror. So every time this happened I lost a bit of my self-esteem and confidence. And had to pick myself up again. This came to head last year when I was on holiday in Borneo and my relatives made comments about my lack of hair and I should just shave my head as my remaining hair was all over the place. This definitely knocked my confidence further.

After doing some research on-line and hearing about the great work being done in Turkey, I spoke to and met with some patients who had used Health Travel International and had great results, so I decided to go ahead with them.

They arranged everything for me. All flights and transfers were arranged in advance without any problem and the team were very co-operative and flexible to my needs. The accommodation was superb. The room had a large double bed which was very comfortable and which I needed especially after the surgery. The traditional Turkish breakfast was delicious.

The treatment from the company and medical staff was excellent. I was very well looked after. I was made at ease before, during and after the surgery. The medical staff would always check if I felt okay and gave assurance all the time that things were going well and according to plan. I never once felt isolated or uninformed.

The hospital facility standard was without doubt five star, extremely modern, brand new and spotlessly clean.

The transplanted hair grew to a few millimetres in the first four weeks before starting to fall out. I was told that this was normal. Before long 25-30% of the transplanted hair started growing again which became apparent after 8 weeks. Beyond the 8th week, hair started to grow at steady pace. Now I am at 8 months post-surgery and my hair has come in leaps and bounds with up to 80% of the transplanted hair growing.

I would definitely recommend Health Travel International simply because I had such a good experience with them. The service, the advice, the surgery and most of all the results are just beyond my wildest dream. As you can see I have very thin hair and only limited donor hair so I think my results are very good considering. The price for the full package including flights, transfers, 4* accommodation, fantastic medical treatment, after-care, medications and constant support was a bargain!

My new hair has given the extra confidence and has put a big smile on my face. I can’t give enough thanks to Suat and his team.




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