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Post HT - Maintenance




It has been 7 months post op since the HT. I have been using Dermatch quite frequently to hide seeing into my hair when going to work, gym or out in public during the hair growth process. The HT doctor explained trying not to use it when not necessary and not to leave it in too long. The reality of it is that it is pretty convenient leaving it in for a day or two when using my hair product as it is a PITA to wash out and re do each day or every few days.

I wanted to get input from you guys if you have been doing the same thing and if anyone knows if it may impede the hair growth process. It has been a life saver so far and I'm trying to figure out if the transplanted hairs will still grow at full potential.

Thank you,



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The DermMatch website states:


"You can use DermMatch with transplanted hair. After surgery, it's safe to use any time beyond the scab phase but always check with your surgeon first before using DermMatch or any cosmetic hair loss concealer.


You can use DermMatch with alopecia areata. This is a rare type of hair loss that can even affect children. It generally results in areas of patchy hair loss. You can learn much more about this disease from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. Donations for research are much appreciated there."


Interesting post. Hope your new hairs are beginning to grow out.

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