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FUT Hair Transplant by Dr Radha



Hello friends,

I am posting this blog on behalf of my brother who underwent an Hair Transplant from Dr Radha which he described as a great experience. What i liked about her most is the individual attention that she provides and is really reachable at all

His hair transplant belonged to Norwood VI and hence Dr Radha suggested around 5000 grafts of which she was able to 4000 in the first session covering 85 percent of the area and has planned for another 1000 grafts after 10 months.

Its been 3 months now so I am uploading the pictures here and would like to get some feedback on the procedure and the progress

I have categorized the pictures in three different categories - Before Transplant, FUT Procedure, Post OP 3 months


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Your brothers progress is doing well. With dark lighting you can see more coverage, as suppose to light directly on the scalp. To me, that's the best way to see great coverage, by putting the head under bright lighting. I'm about to head on 3months in April 29th, and I don't see good results. I am very worried :/.

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Thank you for sharing!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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