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5 Characteristics of a Natural Hairline



Hair restoration treatments have come a long way since the "pluggy" procedures of the late '80s. Still, many patients are hesitant to take the plunge, often worrying that a hair transplant procedure will produce an outcome that is unnatural in appearance. The thought alone can make one feel anxious, and receiving a bad hair transplant may do more to harm one's self esteem, confidence, and self image than the original balding scalp.

It is estimated that over 2/3rds of adult males will experience hair loss. A reported 20 million or more females experience symptoms of thinning hair prior to reaching adulthood. Being a member of the Hair Restoration Social Network, you've undoubtedly surfed through countless forumn threads, blog posts, pictures, comments, and more, all from individuals who have experienced some form of hair loss. Put simply, you are not alone in your struggle with hair loss.

To help patients feel more comfortable with hair transplant surgery, it may be helpful to consider the 5 characteristics of a natural-looking hairline. By understanding how the frontal hairline is supposed to look, patients are empowered to ask the right kind of questions during a transplant consulation. While it is not recommended that patients be disrespectful or overtly critical of any physician, it is nevertheless important that patients know what to look for when asking how their hairline will be reconstructed. Then, patients can be more confident in the physician's ability to deliver an end-result that is truly natural in appearance.

The 5 Characteristics of a Natural Hairline

  1. Hairline Undulation
  2. Irregular Irregularity
  3. Variable Thickness
  4. Graduation of Density
  5. Random Dispersion of "Island Hairs"

By focusing on these 5 characteristics, a frontal hairline will be constructed in a way that exudes natural texture and dispersion. Patients are encouraged to ask physicians about each of these fundementals to gain a better understanding of how he or she implements such techniques to deliver an natural and authentic end-result.

About the Author: Dr. Paul Rose has more than 20 years experience in hair restoration surgery. Recipient of the ISHRS Golden Follicle and the Italian Society for Hair Restoration Michelangelo Award, Dr. Rose is a recognized leader in his field who enjoys researching and lecturing when not performing surgical procedures. Currently, Dr. Rose is lead surgeon at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami.

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Dr. Rose,


Great information! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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