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Hair transplantation using body hair.



I am from Canada... I was in India in 2012 and had 2000 BHT (abdomen, chest and few armpit). It was performed by Dr. Mahadevia's clinic. I will post my pictures later as I have to yet take and load it on the computer. It seems less than 2000 or may be it is 2000... I want the expert to tell me...what they think of the procedures... i was planning on doing a couple more each year to get some decent result. i paid 100rs per graft with 10% tax... if it is 2000 grafts then it is indeed worth, if not then the cost would be too high and will bring it to American standard and also if I have to add the time and travel it will work out far more.

After the surgery i just stayed indoors and just sprayed the antiseptic solution each time and washed without touching the scalp... i stayed out of the sun and just went out for walks in the evening for a full tow weeks. it was after the two weeks I washed with baby shampoo and continued to spray wash with the solution. it healed good and i had absolutely no problems at all....



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hi israfil

i am also considering dr. mahadevia for HT .its been more than 10 months u had HT how's ur experience.

After 10 months what about hairfall , are u loosing ur existing or transplanted hair ? and what precautions one has to take after HT.

please reply.




rohit bhalla

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