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Seek your advice for my 2nd HT





It has been more than 6 months I am closely monitoring feedbacks on this portal. I would like to thanks all of you for your services, that helps people to regain their lost confidence and fulfill their dreams. I have also lost my confidence and seek your help.

About me:

Age: 35 yrs

album name : Hair_2013_JAN

Observing hair loss since 2002.

As per my understanding I have thin hairs.

As my 3 uncles and my grandfather are bald except my father, so I assume I have inherited baldness from my grandfather.

As per my understanding I belongs to NW 5 or 6. You may better advice on this once I will share my photo.

Any procedure before: Yes, I had a procedure by a Dr in Delhi in November 2007. I dont think i can reveal his name in this forum. It was around 2700 graft (FUT). I would say the procedure was fine, most of the transplanted hairs are still intact. However, scar look bigger and that compelled me to keep my hair long so that scar remain hidden. This is one of my concern. If you look at attached photo’s I am sure you will be able to figure our transplanted area. If you pay attention to my front area, you can see there are gaps on both sides of transplanted area, I would be happy if I can fill those gaps as well.

What am I doing to preserve hair: since last 3-4 years I am not taking any medicine or not applying any solution. Earlier, I used to apply Dr reddy’s mintop solution. Some of you may advice.

Below are my concerns, if you can provide some input:

1) Looking at density of my donor area do i qualify for Hair transplantation?

2) Which HT surgeon would you advice. So far i am impressed by Dr. Radha's work in India.

3) Don’t want to further enlarge the scar

4) If possible, I would go for scar repair. Do we have any proved technique to repair scar? While doing my research, came across several technique, still looking for your advice.

5) How many grafts, I should go for, considering my donor area.

6) Which method would you recommend (FUE/FUT)?

7) Please provide the exercise details that I should start practicing for donor area?

8) Is there any medicine which I should start taking to preserve my hairs?

Thanks for reading my concern. I know its a long list of concern, i would really appriciate ypur advice/comment.

I am looking for official site for Dr. Radha's clinic and her contact details.


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