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Day of Surgery



I happened to have a short 20 minute consultation with Dr. Rahal the day before the surgery. This was important to me, and it turns out for the right reasons. Dr. Rahal's evaluation of what could be done for me turned out to be a bit different from my original consultation 4 months earlier. i'm sure this is probably the norm...I think your doctor's gotta see you before you know your final treatment plan. The biggest kick for me was being told I couldn't fully cover my crown and that I may need another surgery in the future....Oh well..Not a deal breaker because I was still confident in my choice with Dr. Rahal.

On the day of surgery, I had a second consultation with Dr. Rahal, where he mapped everything out and answered my final questions. Dr. Rahal and his staff are very courteous and the entire process that day was as pleasant as could be. Before the surgery begins, a second set of pics are taken. As others have said, show up with comfortable pants and a button down shirt.

The surgery process involves of course shaving the appropriate areas and bandaging the rest of the hair to get ready for the strip extraction. For those that are wondering, the shots and the numbing process are not exactly painless. But the squeeze-ball they give you beforehand really helps and you get through it.

My surgery provided about 4350 grafts and the whole process lasted from 8 AM to 3:45 pm; you get a break to have a lunch they provide, and I got to pick two movies to watch on a big screen in front of me. Dr. Rahal and his team were great in making sure I was comfortable the whole time.




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