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Day 60 - two months on



Two months tomorrow since surgery in Istanbul. Two months of avoiding (most of) my friends. Thankfully the World Cup has given me something to do and the English summer has been the usual rubbish so I haven't missed being out in the sun...

Not a huge amount of progress to report. No noticeable regrowth - but I am getting regular explosions of pimples, which hopefully means the new hairs are trying to poke through? I am using Bactroban on the pimples as recommended by Transmed, twice a day, but it's not keeping the zits at bay.

I think one or two new hairs have appeared, but they're no more than 1mm-2mm long so I'm not getting excited yet. On my right temple, there are still a few transplants which haven't yet fallen out. Indeed, most of the pimples are on the left temple, so I'm guessing that the right side is lagging behind a bit at present. Is that common?

At present, what with the zits and slow pace of regrowth, I'm going to to be hiding under a baseball cap for another couple of months, which is a shame but tolerable if I get a new head of hair at the end of it all.

On the plus side, the donor scar is undetectable, even though my hair is not particularly long.



Front Left Temple












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It looks like you're healing quite well! Thank you for keeping the community updated. Good luck.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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Hi... I read your posting... I'm experiencing the same circumstances. It's coming close to 3 months now for me and I've been getting pimples on the back of my head and some in the front as well. I've been treating them with OXY pimple cream (which has helped), but not as well as what I've discovered while on vacation in Mexico. When I went snorkeling for hours on end, 3 days in a row, all the pimples went away. Once I stopped going into the ocean, the pimples came back within 4 days. So I've been treating my pimples by soaking my head in water with Sea Salt and this has helped a little, but not as well as when I was snorkeling in the ocean. I suspect that I just need to soak my head longer in the salt water.

In any case, I would suggest trying to soak your head in sea salt water to sub-due the pimples.


Also, I too am seeing little sprouts of hair in the back as well, but the front seems to be taking longer than the back and has not yet sprouted. So... I feel your anixety and am wishing to end up with the results as others have, as well. So I hope the best for you as well.


Keep us posted.



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Oh... question... besides the pimples... have you experienced any of your original hairs which were there prior to the procedure, to have fallen out as well? I was told that this could happen. That the hairs which were near the implanted areas could fall out due to shock, but that they should regrow back once the rest period was over.

Are you experiencing this same thing?

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Hi Bcruz, thanks for the salt water tip - may try that as I'm still getting a lot of pimples after 3.5 months.


Yes - I did suffer from a lot of shock loss (50% I reckon). In the past two weeks, I've noticed a lot of new, fine hairs coming through. I don't know if that is the old hair coming back, or the transplanted hairs. I suspect a bit of both.


Generally feeling more positive now though, as my hair doesn't really look weird any more, and I think I'm seeing progress.


Good luck with your healing.

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