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Need guidance for HT in Bangalore




I'm a patient suffering from hair loss and now I'm considering to go for a HT. Presently I'm in Bangalore and is really confused to find a good doctor for this. It seems the members of this forum are having mixed responses towards a single doctor. So I need help to figure what is the best option I've. Let me share my story first.


I'm suffering from Hair loss for last four-five years. It was mainly due to change of water because of change of places. Also heridity might be another good reason. However at first I'm having a patchy hair loos which gradually turned into bigger patch as the day progreses.

Then I decided to consult a good doctor to see what he could do about it. I took an appoinment with Dr. Manoj Khanna (one of the famous doctor in my city,kolkata). It was not a very good experience, to be honest, as the Dr. was too busy. I felt he did not gave enough attention to me to actually listen to my problem. However he does prescribe Minoxidiline, a tablet and Triclenz shampoo. He said my case was not suitable for HT as it can be cured by medicine. Somehow I felt good.

Gradually I keep on loosing my hair and I moved to Bangalore. Here,I feel, becauz of hard water I keep on loosing my hair very very fast. The small patchy area on fron of my head keep on growing bigger and bigger. Now It's really bad. And I'm looking for a garunted result of HT in bangalore.

I've been following this blog for last 6 months or so but it seems to figure out a good phisician it's really difficult task. Some members of this forum seems to have good reviews for Dr Sreedhar reddy but some other used to share some painfull experience that I'm not ready to go for this Doc. It seems he lost his golden touch and his motive become commercial-centric rather than patient-centric. Also I can find hell lot of clincs in Bangalore but it seems their focus is mainly business.

Now that is why I'm here. I need help from existing members to figure out a good doc who can actually listen to my problem and help me to get my HT done with a grand succcess. I think my hair-condition is not too bad and it can be reclaimed through good HT surgery. I feel I might need 1000-1500 grafts but obviously a good doc can judge that. Also it will help me to estimate my pocket.




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Hello Blake,


Thanks for your input.


I've gone through your suggested link but there are only two suggested doctors from India. Also one more problem is the places are far away (500-1200 Kms) from my present location.


Can you please help me to find any good doctor in Bangalore. It will be a great help from me.




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