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Propecia Finastride



I have been taking this drug without any negative effect. Its hard to say if I have seen any results due to the fact that i was on rogaine for a year before, but i figureed it wouldnt hurt.


Anyways my question is, with all this negative reports on Propecia and people talking about the potential of this drug being banned, should I discontinue the use? I do plan on having kids one day and I am curious as to what this efffect it may have on me. Again it has had ZERO side effects but my main concern is the long term use.

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It's a personal decision, but it's hard to state that anyone should stop a drug that's working and causing no negative side effects. However, this is a decision that you and a physician should make together, and I highly recommend discussing the issue with a trusted doctor.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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