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Need Veteran's Help for "New Guy" Questions...



I'm getting the hair transplantation surgery done within the next 2 months. I'm looking for a high quality surgeon within a few hours of me. Dr. Michael Beehner, M.D.seems to be one of the closest, most experienced, and most trusted physicians by his patients.

That being said, I've viewed some of the Norwood Class III hair loss patients final results (15 months later). In all honesty, I can't say that I would be even fairly satisfied with the resulting frontal hairline (after 3,000 FU grafts & well over $10,000).

I'm a class 3 as well (horseshoe front but back is fine). If I spend this type of money, I would like to have my former relatively straight-across hairline back.

By most of the final pictures I'm viewing, most physicians or patients decide to go for a less obvious horseshoe appearance in the front. Some argue that it looks more natural. I couldn't disagree more. The awkward u-shaped front draws my eyes right to it. In addition, the new hairlines appear to still leave a prominent forehead appearance and the front sometimes lacks the proper density. I hope this example below doesn't offend anyone. Please note the 2nd and last picture w/navy blue shirt. I was very excited about getting this surgery done but I'm honestly feeling "trigger shy" now.

Lastly, I learned that Dr. Beehner does an excellent job in the end. However, is it normal for the surgeon to implant the hair around the delicate hairline and trained RN's to implant the rest of the hair? My father and uncle had this procedure done and they claim the surgeon did all the implantations personally in NYC. See link below:


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