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FUE Transplant



Hi, I have good hair but its slightly weaker on top from zones 1 to 4. I have been to see a UK Dr and he said 3000 FUE Grafts. I got the impressio it was all about money and money orientated. Can anyone recommend where i should go for this treatment. AS I want it done right and am looking for good after care and advice.


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I can recommend these two ladies for there excellent attention to detail before during and after FUE surgery. They are in Lisbon. They both belong to the International hair restoration society and I have just had a 2000 (4984 hairs counted from the 2000 extracted hairs) graft FUE hair transplant 2 weeks to the day. I am English and my history is one very poor FUT strip 11 months previously that failed to give a good result and I am A1 excellent physical health. Just e mail them with pictures of top, side, back, front of head and what you want done with prices and they have an excellent administrator who will answer your questions.

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