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Second Shed on finasteride after 7months...



Hello I am 22 yrs old I am a norwood II almost but not quite a norwood III. Anyways I have been on finasteride 1.25 a day for about 7 months the first 3 months i shed like crazy but read that was common and also good reaction to the drug after 3 months my hair was thicker defenatly a difference and very few hairs fell out like 10 a day that lasted for about a month and a half then suddenly I started shedding a lot again almost as much as in the begining is this normal to have more than 1 cycle of shedding or does this mean the drug has stopped working? i thought I was reacting well to it concidering it almost stopped my shedding completetly, but now i have no idea whats going on. Has anyone had a similar experience??

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A shed that late could be due to something like "seasonal" shedding or the addition of a new drug, but you may want to consult with the prescribing physician to be sure it isn't something else. Frankly, I haven't heard much about a second shedding phase associated with Propecia, so it's probably something worth discussing with the physician who prescribed the medication.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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