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Hair Transplant Awareness




The Hair Loss Stigma

Jeremy Priven Hair TransplantIf you're like most men, you probably put some time and effort into your hair. Whether washing or drying it, combing or brushing it, cutting or styling it, your hair is an integral part of your identity and appearance. As the years pass, your hair style consumes more of your attention.

Worries over hair loss can began in their teens for some men. When they first start to notice a deficit of follicles and a shift in their hairline a quiet brooding panic can often set in. Where once was a thick, lush mane, there is now a sparseness or patchiness. Temples or crowns that were once covered with locks are now thinning and revealing themselves.

Hair loss is a serious condition. It affects many people from all walks of life including glamorous celebrities. Despite the severity there are many available treatment options. Do take the time to learn what options work for your unique situation.

Unfortunately added to this life changing concern is the negative connotations associated with balding or connotations associated with hair restoration solutions surgical or prosthetic.

Hair Transplant Awareness

Rightly, so the major medical issues that affect women in modern society are getting great awareness publicity. Many of these ailments that effect women adversely are life threatening. Alopecia “Baldness” will effect the majority of men in their lifetime. No, it won’t cause your lungs to cease to function; but all too often the spirit becomes depressed because of the social stigma. Hair Loss Awareness is what is needed. It is not really funny to stigmatize ‘the bald guy’ or ‘the bald guy’ who chooses to do something about it.

Celebrities hair transplants and hair restoration is often the subject of the gossip news world. Why? People get sick, people get in accidents and people go bald. Baldness “Alopecia” is a medical condition that can be treated better than ever before. People should not be embarrassed through ridiculed for it; and even more so should not be embarrassed or ridiculed for doing something about it. I hope some celebrities will speak more openly about it and use their fame to fuel “Hair Transplant Awareness.” Not only will more coming out statements by celebrities be helpful, but regular folks too fighting the stigma by not hiding anymore will help the future of ‘follicularly challenged’ people.


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Nice piece. Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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