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post op Day 14



Dr Feriduni and his team (from reception to technicians) is everything I expected; the epitome of professionalism and courtesy a very pleasant experience!

I will just say the photos on his site do not do full justice to what this man does, many people having elected to protect their privacy which of course has to be respected. But when I saw photos of his clients on the morning of my procedure I was awestruck.

I am one of those people that prefer to see periodic updates rather than daily journals. So this is day 14 post op after my shower and clipper. (slight discolouration was me rubbing my head vigourosuly trying to get any last scabs off.

Actually most Scabs came off from day 10 to 13. I am very pleased. I know these little fellas might well fall out in the next few weeks, but having buzzed my hair for so long I am very chilled about the process. Will look forward to them reappearing!


Another update will follow in 30days.



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Hi Furb,


Looks like you're healing well! Dr. Feriduni is an excellent surgeon, and I'm excited to see your results unfurl. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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