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My experience with Dr. Alba Reyes, MD



Dear hair thinners,

I’m related to the hair restoration field for more than 10 years; first as the administrator in the hair transplant clinic of Dr. Alba Reyes and 2nd as a hair transplant patient.

I have much respect to this forum and in more specific to Mr. Bill Seemiller, the Forum’s editor.

I will be happy to respond to any question about my hair transplant experience with Dr. Alba Reyes and I may also respond to some people that are posting poison information about her (those blackmailers and others that may present other’s clinics interest).

My best suggestion is "don't trust any of the information in the forums as an objective" (even the editor cannot be considered as an objective since he has his own experience with at least one surgeon) but use this Forum to enrich your knowledge about different questions that you probably have. By reading different inputs you may be able to notice who the blackmailers are and who are those that have a sole interest to destroy the surgeon's reputation (that takes for each surgeon so many years of hard working to create)

BTW: the procedure is painless, part of the time I was sleeping, other part I was talking and joking with friends that came to see me during the procedure. The Post Op is very simple that each patient can manage himself at home. By 6 months I started to enjoy looking at the mirror. When I waked up and washed my teeth I could see how age is reversible and how it easy to remove years (from my face) by having the hairline redesigned. Each month you notice more hair density and more hair volume. Each month you feel more confidence about your look and as many patients says; when doing it with the right surgeon it is one of the best investment any bald person can made. My hair transplant was done during 2004 and still there is nothing else (products and therapies) that could bring such results that last so long time.


Best luck!

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happy patient,


Congratulations on your recent hair transplant experience with Dr. Alba Reyes. I encourage you to create a photo album sharing your results or attach you can attach your photos directly to this blog. I also encourage you to create a new topic on our popular discussion forum to share your experience and photos. Also, since you represent Dr. Reyes, please be sure to add a disclosure statement in your forum signature explaining your affiliation with her.


Best wishes,




P.S. I also encourage you to remove the weird characters in your blog, which most likely occurred by you copying/pasting content into the site.

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