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hi im looking for help i hade an fue op 2 years ago from doctor rhagu reddy and should of been 2000 hairs but have found out only 1000 was done in the op and the company he worked for has vanished after tracking him down and questioning him i was typically fobbed off and am now seeking advice on what to do next as have seen a couple of other clinics and am confused now to what u would call a good company or doctor to use to finish off the job pending on what a solicitor finds wwether or not ive got a case against doctor reddy for negligance so any advice o either issues would be much appreciated

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Welcome to our community and thanks for creating a blog. However, blogs are typically for sharing your hair restoration experience with or without photos. To maximize the number of responses to your questions, I highly recommend posting your questions on our popular hair loss forum.


Best wishes,


Bill - Managing Publisher of this Community

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