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Day 8



Not much change in the photos. The scabs are largely intact. Today was the first day I have used any sort of massaging on the recipient area when shampooing, but it still didn't shift many of the scabs, so maybe I need to use a bit more force.

Still getting a bit of soreness from the donor area, chiefly when I lie on it. The soreness seems to be more pronounced in one point on the right side. I emailed the clinic about it, but they said not to worry and to check with the doctor who is taking out the staples on Monday.




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While you still have a lot of scabbing, this is relatively normal especially if you haven't been working them off gently with your fingertips (not the nails) in the shower. Some physicians rather their patients let the scabs fall off naturally while others suggest a gentle scalp massage in the shower.


I'm sure the scabs will fall off over the next week or probably less if you're working on gently removing them.


Best wishes,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

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