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Dr Devroye Feb 2012 1757 FUE



This is a blog to recount my recent procedure of 1757 FUE with Dr Devroye in early Feb 2012 this is my fourth procedure following 2 FUT and 1 previous FUE the previous procedures had left me with what I considred to be an unrefined hairine and poor density so this procedure with Dr Devroye was a repair to deal primariy with those concerns.

A brief history of my surgery journey. My first transplant was in 1996 with Norton which was a built on naivity and lack of knowledge, this procedure at best gave me 200-300 hundred grafts which were poorly placed and angled as well as clusters of mini grafts. At the time I still had sufficient native hair to cover this up but by 1999 this was no longer an option, so I visited Dr Farjo with whom I had a second FUT of 800 grafts to disguise the poor hairline. This provided a reasonable result for 5 years until I decided to pursue the FUE route via DHI with whom I had a "2000 hair" procedure to improve density and further refine the hairline. The outcome of this was reasonable but didn't produce the density required, which brings me up to date I was becoming more and more unhappy with my hairline which looked like a hairline of a 60 year old as opposed to someone in their early 40s.

After visiting Dr Devroye in Oct 2011 and discussing my concerns he said he could take approx 1500 grafts to deal with my concerns and I was reassured by his assessment and also reputation on these forums. I had originally booked for the end of Dec 2011 but I had to cancel at the last minute due to a death in the family and I must say that Dr Devroye and his team were massively understanding and supportive allowing me to reschedule the surgery for Feb 2012.

I will add the photos and full graft breakdown from Dr Devroye once I recieve the information. The day with Dr Devroye went very smoothly and I was impressed by the dedication and meticulous approach of the whole team.



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