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Quick question from HT patient



Hello everyone, I am brand new to this site and am happy to answer any questions regarding my experience. I do have one quick question. I had 1,200 FUE procedure exactly 15 days ago, no transplanted hairs have shed, no scabs, but I do have a yello/brown tiny crust around each individual hair. Is this normal after 15 days or should I wash / massage it away? Does it affect growth?

I really appreciate if a knowledgeable person could answer this.



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Welcome to our hair loss discussion forum and social community. Everything you're describing sounds perfectly normal. Each physician has their own and should provide their patients with postoperative instructions. While most physicians I've talked to tell patients to begin gently massaging off the scabs in the shower with your fingertips toward the end of the first week, others sugggest letting them fall off naturally. That said, I recommend contacting your hair restoration physician for his/her unique postoperative instructions.


Best wishes,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

Managing Publisher of this Community

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Hey Bill I posted this question but have not gotten a response. Do you know if toppix can be used on newly transplanted hair after 15 days

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It looks like your question on the forum was answered on this topic. But yes, you are safe to use Toppik at 15 days.


Best wishes and happy growing,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

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