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Which FUE surgeon in South Africa. ?



Good day.

I would like to know if anyone can reccomend a HT surgeon in South Africa.

There is not a single remark or listing for HAIROPTIONS.co.za (Johannesburg-Sandton) on this site, and

a single negative remark for Medhair in Capetown only.

Anyone with a positive experience / surgery in SA ?

Best regards




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Welcome to our discussion forum and social community. I'm not familiar with the surgeon/clinic you've referenced. However, to maximize the number of responses to your question, I highly recommend you post your question on our popular hair restoration discussion forum in the "Hair Transplant Experiences and Surgeon Reviews" forum.


At this time, no physicians have been approved for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network in South Africa. To see a list of physicians we do recommend, click here. To see our high standards for recommendation, click here.


Best wishes,


Bill - Managing Publisher of this Community

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