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Post HT with Dr Humayun Mohmand



I went for 3 consultations altogether, and all advised strip was the better option as would give more yield/number of grafts, this and the cost factor which was approximately x 2.5 more for FUE, has lead me to the strip technique. I guess only time will tell if this was the right choice, and if HT was worth it.

Very friendly and supportive staff at the clinic especially Shahid, who is part of Dr Humayuns HT support staff. At my initial consultation with Shahid I was told only the central portion of my balding area would be covered due to the limited number of grafts that could be harvested, this would not include the crown. This I was told was due to the lack of elasticity in my skin from my donor area. I went back to my hotel and after some thought requested a consultation with Dr Humayun himself, who advised the same. To be honest this left me totally disheartened as my crown is the area that is of most concern and I was being told that this would be done at my second session. Both could see my obvious disappointment and later that day I advised Shahid it was not what I expected and would not be proceeding with the HT. After much further thought and discussions with a close friend I decided to give it a go and have the HT done in 2 sessions as I was being advised.

Anyway the surgery is done, I am now 6 days post op. Flew out to Islamabad on Sunday, had both face to face consultations on Monday + blood tests. Tuesday 9am taken into theatre and procedure began with Dr Humayun + 3 assistants (who were all very friendly and professional). the procedure was as follows: pre-op photos taken by Dr H., donor area trimmed and marked with pen. I was given an oral sedative to help me relax, then local anaesthetics injected into scalp, starting with donor area , strip removed, assistants then harvest the grafts, counted them and advised Dr H. of numbers available. Dr H. then punched the correlating number of holes into my scalp, (and to my delight this included a few hundred on the crown as well), after which the assistants began the graft incisions. Dr H works extremely fast and runs 3 HT ops simultaneously. The entire procedure took around 7-8 hours, and in-between I had lunch, watched some tele, and even had a nap (sedative helped).

I was given IV antibiotics and IM pain relief injections, as well as prescribed oral antibiotics for a week, Tramadol and Diclofenac for pain relief. I was also prescribed valium for the first three nights to help me sleep.

Pain on the first night was excruciating, I had to call the clinic (they give you mobile numbers), who sent a nurse to administer another IM pain killer. The second night was a little better however not much sleep. Six days on the pain is much better, although I am still taking Diclofenac, Tamadol, and my sleep is still very much disturbed.

I was discharged with detailed post-op instructions and have been following them as best as possible. The hardest thing being sleeping in an upright position, using 5 pillows and a travel pillow or towel around my neck, to avoid friction between my scalp and pillows.

Last night I slept in my wife’s maternal/birthing chair (like a recliner with rocking foot stool) using a travel pillow, and I've had the best sleep since the op. (still only around 4.5 hours, but better than 2-3). The oral pain killers made me very drowsy and spaced out, and the Tramadol caused nausea, for which I have been taking metoclopramide.

I have uploaded some pics, pre-op, during op, and post-op. and all being well (god willing) hope to upload monthly progress pics. I was told the new hair will not grow fully until 8-9 months so I guess it’s a long wait :) .

Dr H clinic is state of the art, he is a trained plastic surgeon and has been doing HT for many years. HOWEVER the proof is in the pudding (excuse the pun) and (god willing) if the HT is successful, I will consider returning for a second session.

Total grafts received was just over 2400, this included double hair, triple hair and single hair folicles/grafts. Strip removed was 28cm long.

Wish me luck (IA) :)

Lancs Man.


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Lancs Man,


Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. Humayun Mohmand!


The work, as expected, looks clean and refined. Thank you for sharing your detailed experience with the community!


Best of luck!

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Good luck Man.... Wish u all the best.

I also had it done from Dr H on 4 Nov 2011 and was given 2633 grtfts. I hav posted my pics in Photo Albums.

I have entered third month post op and some of my hair are coming out.


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