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My various treatments so far for the record:

Aug 09 - Dec 09 : Propecia

Result: Hairline still receding and hair still thinning.

Side effect: none

Jan 10-end of May 10 : Propecia + Minox (am-pm)

Result: Receding seemed to have stopped. Some regrowth (light hair). Mainly located between the temples and half an inch off the middle of the forehead.

Side effect: puny shedding the first days. A few very thin hairs when applying the lotion. Skin flaking were applied.

End of May 10 - ongoing : Propecia + Spectral DNC (am-pm)

Result: The growth of thin hair looks denser and I noticed two dark hairs yesterday (june 02). Including one about a quarter of an inch ahead of the hairline. I'm just about a week into this combo so I don't want to get too excited though it seems positive so far. I hope not to have unpleasant surprises like delayed shedding in a few days or weeks.

Side effect: the current Spectral DNC formula is orange... It's fine for me because I work from home but I don't think anyone with a regular job would want to apply it in the morning -in the front at any rate. It stinged a bit the first day but no irritation after that. On a positive note, the skin is a lot less flakey than with pure Minox.

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Thank you for updating the community on your progress. Any new news to report?


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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