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Hair transplant changed my life



I was about 19 when I first started to notice my hair thinning, this was personally a nightmare for me as I did take a lot of pride in styling my hair etc. this may not be the case for everyone some people it may not bother to much, but anyways it was always in the back of my mind. Each day noticing hairs falling out when washing or styled my hair. At first nobody commented on this as it probably wasn't as bad as I thought it was whatchutalkingabout_smile.gif

Over time people did point out that my hair was thinning, in the barbers etc but not in a rude way just pointing out the obvious really. But not going to lie does make you feel a little uncomfortable. which is when I started looking into products to stop this like shampoos potions and lotions etc which is a never ending search on google confused_smile.gif with mixed reviews on everything plus paid a fortune of the years for products which yes did thicken my hair but nothing would stop the hair from falling out.

I started eventually styling my hair is different ways to hide the thinning areas,, which keeping it that bit longer did work, until it starts to look a bit comb over ish. I eventually started looking for something abit more powerful than the shampoos etc I stubbled across propica finasteneride I decided to try this after reading a lot of stories on bad side effects I was a bit apprehensive but I was quite willing to try anything at this point. I tried at and within a few days I was coming out in red rashes all over my body, so spoke to the doctor and he told me to stop taken the medicine.

Over time I thought I would get used to the fact i was losing my hair, but losing it knocked my self confidence massively, I know it shouldn't and its just life but I didn't want my photo taken anymore, I was wearing hats all day everyday. Basically was just getting in the way off everyday life. I decided after a lot of research, and thinking along the lines of you only live once on this earth so why not spend it happy regular_smile.gif and do what makes you happy so this once when I decided to get a hair transplant.


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