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Finding the right Dr....?? DR Bhatti at darling buds

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Finding the right Dr for my self took a while, did so much research and to be fair these days there are so many to choose from. obviously a lot of places get mixed reviews etc which is expected but after looking through thousands of reviews and before and after pictures. I decided to message the clinic and Dr I read most about and was impressed with directly which was Dr Bhatti, I sent an email outlining what I wanted to achieve I actually got a reply from the doctors him self, asking for pictures etc so he could get a rough idea what I was talking about.. he was realistic and honest from the start which is kind of the whole reason I went with him really, he literally broke the whole thing step by step what we could do as in options etc.. but he said until you come and a have a consultation its not 100% what we can promise but he said we could make it work. which I thought was great because I have had a lot of company's promise me the world before I even go for a consultation. Anyways after pricing the whole thing up flights accommodation etc I decided to just think you live once go do it!!! The DR is based in India but the pricing up with a holiday this was still cheaper than the uk and I get a holiday, no brainer really! I have travelled quite a bit my self so wanted to make a bit of a trip out of it the Dr did say he could sort discounted accommodation airport transfers basically the whole thing for me.. but I thought I would see a bit of the sites a move around my self.. but it was good to know the option of the clinics helping you get get up was there..

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Dr. Bhatti is a great doctor recommended by this community, I am sure you will be happy with your results best wishes.

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