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Hair transplantation in India



Hi All,

I am 28years old suffeing from hair loss since 20. I have have been looking on this site for many months for finding a surgeon. I have consulted varies Dr in India.

Each propose different number of grafts and suggest different things.

Dr Suneet Soni - 4000 grafts for frontal area good density

Dr Madhu - 2300 to 2500 grafts for forntal area with medium density

Dr Radha - two options

option1 - FUT only- 3500 grafts for frontal area with medium density

option 2 - FUT and FUE in one session - 3500 front and 2000 in the crown.

I think option 2 with Dr Radha might be suitable as it will give good coverage on all my bald areas in one session. but it is so confusion which one to go for.

Any suggestion will help.

i will add my current picture









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