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Coming up to the 2 months post FUE mark



so after 2 months how are things progressing?.....

I have to say between 6 weeks and 8 weeks literally nothing happens, your original hair grows back (short but growing) and all the scabs and bleeding has completely healed. Just this week I had my first hair cut since the op and its nice to get it shaved in a little shorter on the sides as it gives the sense of volume at the top which is all you can wish for whilst waiting for the new hairs to grow. I have to say my head is looking clean and the donor area after being shaved is brilliant even the hairdresser couldn't tell anything.

One thing I have really enjoyed using as your hair will get a little dry, particularly the scalp is coconut oil, it also seems to have taken down some of the redness which is always a great help.

Stay tuned and I will keep updating as the next few months are when we should hopefully see little small hairs starting to come through and that's the exciting bit.

My final tip would be to use Sainsbury's own brand baby shampoo as its paraben free and keeps the scalp from drying out


Until next month.....



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