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Need info



I would like somebody, tell me if Dr. Siporin and Dr Meshkin are good ht surgeon? I've had 4 consultations with diferents ht's surgeons and all toll me diferents point of view, some of them tells me that i need 2000 to 2500 grafts to reach my goals, and someothers think i need 3000+ grafts and my goal is fill out front and crown,I'm norwood 4/5, sligthly wavy, thikness medium, 2.0 hairs per mm2, and average laxity and if this amount of grafts is enought to get my goals

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Welcome to our social community and new discussion forum. It's quite common for even the best physicians to have varying opinions on how to meet your hair restoration goals. Both Dr. Siporin and Dr. Meshkin are recommended by this community and have been showcasing excellent results on our hair loss forum. I encourage you to take your time, consult with each physician you are considering and research this community before making a final decision.


Given your current level of hair loss, I suspect you'll need about 4000 grafts (which may take more than 1 procedure depending on which physician you choose and your scalp elasticty/donor density) to restore the front and provide enough coverage in the crown to eliminate the bald spot. Keep in mind that even with 4000 grafts, you'll still see signs of thinning in the crown. But it's also important to keep plenty of donor hair in reserve to cover balding areas in the future caused by more possible hair loss.


Best wishes in restoring your hair,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

Managing Publisher of this Community

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