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Snorkel after hair transplant?



7 days into hair transplant, I know I can't swim in pool due to chemicals but can i snorkel? Heading to khi island with family so was wondering......or can I use shower cap etc....?


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Hi Mutahirw,


Usually by day 7, the grafts are fully anchored and regular activity won't cause any sort of dislodgement. However, because this activity is a bit more intensive and I'm uncertain if you would have the sutures or staples out of the closure by then (assuming you underwent follicular unit transplantation), it could be an issue and I'd definitely ask your hair transplant surgeon before leaving for the trip. This way, you're following his post-operative instructions and advice closely. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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Thanks David for the advise and your response. I did go to island but kept my head out of the water, didn't want to take any risks.. The kids had the max fun, so that was good enough ;) Thx again, regards.

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