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5 weeks after



Well its 5 weeks after my HT by Dr Farjo and his team in manchester and all is good. Strange how things happened, I had just short of 3000 grafts and for the days after I was so careful in case they fell out! I washed scalp as per instructions but actually probably too careful. Then on day 10, probably due to my increased confidence and the feeling returning to my scalp I washed a little better and my scalp went from being tight and coated in a sort of scale to a clean nice feeling scalp. My grafts went from feeling like stiff prickles to softer normal hair. These grafts grew for the first 3 to 4 weeks and I loved the look as it reminded me of my younger days. I didint lose any grafts to my eyes during the first 3 to 4 weeks and then over the next week 90% fell out. Now I start the waiting game but its a good waiting game as you now what it coming is great. You have gone through the pain and now have to wait for the gain.

My scar site has healed up well so far. I get the odd iritation on twinge of pain now and then but I suppose its the healing process and of course the hairs on the scar can be growing and it may be these I am feeling. Well I am taking my vitamins and have resumed on my minoxidil regime and thats about all I can do. I have done various researches on shampoos but nothing stands out as being too much better than anything else. I bought pregaine to be used before appying regaine and that is a good shampoo, I bought that caffiene based shampoo but probably the best was the sample bottles was given by Farjo centre to use post HT (Shampoo, Conditioner and a scalp spray). I have my Farjo bag with the various bits and peices in it proudly hung on the back of my bathroom door and it represents me taking a big step in doing something positive for myself. I am normally not great with any medical procedures in fact I faint when I have a blood test and I cant believe I am saying it but apart from a few early nerves I actually enjoyed the process and the day. The day felt like such a positive and emotional process. The Farjo team took good care of me and I would definitely consider a second HT (If after waiting 18 months for full reults of the first, I still felt I wanted to do more)

The one added issue I have to resolve is getting my hair cut. I am currently working overseas and left 3 weeks after HT. My wife cut my hair before I left but she is not joining me here for 2 months. Anyone who has tried cutting their own hair in a mirror will know your brain to hand co-ordination is screwed and you hack bits off and stab yourself. I will have to find a good local salon where I can discuss the HT with them and I know they will mind the scar and not cut too short.

I will update on my next blog and add photos.


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Thanks for taking the time to blog about your experience with Dr. Farjo. Glad to hear they took such good care of you. I look forward to your progress.



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