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6 months post-op



Hey Folks,

I've really been quite dissatisfied with the results of my 3,000 graft FUE hair transplant. Albeit, I'm only six months post-op but to be completely honest, I haven't really noticed ANY new hair growth (which is a bit concerning).

I'm a 28 year old guy who spent $14K on this procedure with hopes that it would produce a decent result and give me some good coverage...

I'm not comfortable sharing the name of the recommended surgeon who did my procedure (at this stage) and don't think it would be fair to give his name at this point. Everyone says that you must wait to see final results at 12-18 months, I just figured I would have seen something by this point.

What are my options? Do you think I could all of a sudden start seeing some decent results?



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Hello mate.


Even though its too early to comment, it doesn't look good. You still have 6-12 months of growth time.

I recommend you to create a thread about this in the forum. 


My hair loss is almost identical to yours. I will follow you. 

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