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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years

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  1. Thanks mate. I've been doing minoxidil and LLT for many years now. I keep loosing hair but I've been expecting that. I then started fin two years ago but it hasnt helped at all. I have been holding out on transplant because of many reasons and one of them is because of the same feeling you get. I'm a diffuser (only on the MBP area though) and toppik is doing wonders for me. When I start to get more bald areas, I will try a minor transplant to see how it goes. I will do my transplants in small but controlled sessions. It's going to be expensive but I think that's the wisest route. This is roughly how my hair looks today minus a little bit.
  2. After two years, I stopped taking fin. It just wasn't effective on me, I kept thinning at the same rate as before finasterde.
  3. This can actually proove how it really looks like. 5600 grafts.All other result pictures have only been creating an extreme illusion with "good" and hiding pictures. I've been asking this all the time when I see result pictures. What am I seeing? That is why I appreciate such result pictures from honest doctors like this. I'd rather go to someone like Dr. Michael B. Than someone that is posting "fake" result pictures.
  4. I heard you have to wait many months after surgery to start using concealers such as toppik.
  5. Thanks for coming back. Sounds good
  6. Un13 Your comment about density made me very curious. Do you think you can take closer and good pictures of when the density does not look so good?
  7. Hey Buddy. How did it go? Any updates? still the same?
  8. I feel i've continued to thin even after start of finasteride but i'm a bit uncertain and that is why i continue to take it.